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Good Condition Used Parts Wanted

We are working on some projects and are looking to trade parts. We have a number of Discovery 1, 2, RRC, and Defender components ready to go to someone who can use them in exchange for things that are sitting taking up valuable garage/basement/shed space. We will add to and subtract from this list over time and build a dedicated page once we have a better inventory of our used parts here. We are also happy to list parts you are looking for as well, however once you find them you do need to notify us so that we can remove them from the page.

We are looking for:

  • 7″ Headlamp assemblies of all types in good condition, no sealed-beam lamps. Some surface rust on the retaining rings is acceptable as we’ll be restoring and powder coating them but the reflectors must be in good condition.
  • Examples of What We Have
    Until we are able to build a full inventory here are some examples of things we have available.

  • Full 1999 Discovery 2 driveline (V8 Petrol) in reasonable condition, exhaust system not included as is not suitable for use.
  • Discovery 1 3.9L driveline (V8 Petrol), running smooth and quiet currently in running vehicle.
  • Numerous and varied dash switches and electronic control modules for D1, D2, and RRC as well as wiring harness plugs, fuse boxes and more.